About us

My CPA, PA (formerly Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA) is a leading tax and accounting firm that provides complete back-office functions tailored to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses. Our journey began in 2006 as a boutique firm in Hollywood, Florida, specializing in Tax Preparation and Planning. Over the years our firm recognized a common issue that affects many business owners: How to manage their accounting, tax compliance, and financial strategies while managing their day to day business operations.

We observed that a sizeable number of businesses postponed accounting activities and completed them solely to comply with tax return filing requirements. Businesses were placed under significant risk due to limited knowledge, inexperienced staff, or lack of time to oversee the performance of these activities. As a result, they did not attain timely financial reports throughout the year that contained information pivotal to their business operations and that directly impacted their strategies and growth.

Three professionals gathered around a table looking at paperwork

Many businesses were frequently assessed late fees due to late bill payments which added up to painful amounts that would have been best invested in their operations.

More often than not, businesses reached out to us to help them minimize or eliminate penalties related to the following: filing of returns, penalties for overdue payment of taxes, or audits related to income taxes, payroll or sales tax matters.

Only a small number of businesses proactively created a tax and financial plan to reduce their tax liability and increase their bottom line. Many businesses missed strategies such as contributing to tax deferred retirement plans (e.g. 401k, IRA, or other defined benefit plans), revisiting their business structure (e.g. S-Corp, LLC), or investing in tax deductible business assets.

Consequently, our firm strategically evolved to become an integral part of our clients’ businesses by providing a comprehensive and adaptable service package that proactively addresses the aforementioned challenges. At a fixed monthly fee, we provide a holistic service approach that leverages the collaborative input and expertise of resources in the functions of bookkeeping, accounts payable, payroll, tax return preparation and filing, business financial and performance reporting, as well as tax and financial planning. We are a tech-savvy paperless firm that ensures business owners have access to their tax and financial information at their fingertips by utilizing the latest software applications and an online portal. We pride ourselves for taking the time to regularly check on our clients and identifying their ever-changing needs. Our firm today offers business owners peace-of-mind and frees up their time and resources from non-revenue generating activities so they can focus on executing strategies that improve operations, grow their business, and increase their bottom line.

My CPA, PA is committed to...

  • Covering all of our client’s needs through experienced strategic planning backed by the latest computer software. Your tax return will be checked and rechecked by our computer software identifying potential problems the IRS may look at more closely and reviewing the math to limit IRS contacts.
  • Regularly checking on our clients and identifying their changing needs. We understand your family, personal finances, or business strategy is in a constant state of organic change. As your tax need ebb and flow, our dedicated CPAs guide you on each new path.
  • Maintain a complete digital environment. We are paperless office, ensuring you have easy access to all of your tax documentation, all the time.
  • Filing taxes based on our client’s personal preferences. We are highly skilled at filing taxes the traditional way as well as electronically, which allows you to personalize your tax filing experience.